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Fur  is the second album by American singer Jane Wiedlin, released in 1988.  The songs “Rush Hour” and “Inside a Dream” were released as singles, and both charted on the Billboard Hot 100.  The album has a slick, contemporary production, with mainly programmed music complemented by electric guitar and some horns.  The album was written over a period of two years, following the lukewarm response to previous album Jane Wiedlin and her subsequent foray into acting.  Fur reached No. 105 on the US Billboard 200 and spent 21 weeks on the chart.  (More from Wikipedia)

I have presented most of the photos from the album insert in this post.  There is another on the CD itself, a negative photograph of Holly Ramos playfully positioning her crotch above the hole.  Once I saw the pose, it seemed like an obvious thing for a woman to do on an album, but I have never seen it done before or since. 


This photo is not at all pornographic – Holly Ramos is clearly clothed.  However, it makes me think that the band name Fur is meant to be a sexual reference.  The 2nd solo album by Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s is called Fur (1988); she is pictured on the cover holding a rabbit (a fertility symbol from time immemorial), so Wiedlin probably intended the same, even though Jane Wiedlin is well known as an animal rights activist. 


(June 2013/2)


Last edited: March 22, 2021