I Drain the Dregs

Under Appreciated


The four original bandmembers in the Loons made five 7-inch releases in the late 1990’s, all on different labels: “Paradise” b/w “I Drain the Dregs” on Time Bomb Recordings, and “Unwind” b/w “Slow Knife” on 360 Twist! Records, both in late 1996; “In the Past” and “Face out of Phase” b/w “Knock Knock” on Thermionic Records, and “16 Story Reflection” b/w “Future Tense” on Screaming Apple Records, both in 1997; and “Stumble and Fall” b/w “Strange” in November 1998 on Max Picou Records.  
(June 2017)
Last edited: March 22, 2021