Donna Dresch

Donna Dresch  is an American punk rock musician, perhaps best known as founder, guitarist and bass guitarist of Team Dresch.  Dresch has been actively involved in the queercore scene since the 1980s, as the creator of the fanzine Chainsaw and contributor to several other seminal zines.  Additionally, she was a contributor to Tobi Vail’s influential proto-Riot Grrrl fanzine, Jigsaw and Tammy Rae Carland’s zine I (heart) Amy Carter.  She founded the queercore independent record label Chainsaw Records in the early 1990s.  (More from Wikipedia)

Once Lora MacFarlane (who was originally from Australia) was hired as their permanent drummer, Sleater-Kinney quickly put together their first album, Sleater-Kinney, an indie-rock masterpiece that came out on Chainsaw Records in 1995.  The rough-cut nature of this album only gave a hint of the glories to come as Sleater-Kinney refined and enriched their sound in future albums.  Chainsaw Records had been started by Donna Dresch who was in yet another Pacific Northwest punk rock band, Team Dresch.   


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