Planeta Terra Festival

O Planeta Terra Festival  [“Planet Earth Festival”] foi um festival de música realizado pelo grupo Terra Networks entre 2007 e 2013.  (Portuguese Wikipedia – Translation Available)
Then there was a “Deluxe Edition” of Raw Power in 2010 – after the Stooges had reformed and began touring worldwide – on Columbia’s Legacy Recordings label that included a second CD of live recordings made at Richards in Atlanta in October 1973; a third CD entitled “Rarities, Outtakes & Alternatives from the Raw Power Era”; and a DVD featuring a documentary by Morgan Neville and additional live recordings made in November 2009 at Planeta Terra Festival in São Paulo, Brazil.  Deluxe Editions tend to be pricey though, and many fans cannot afford to pay that much for music.  The Raw Power Deluxe Edition is currently available on Amazon for $99.97 and up and was probably no cheaper when it originally came out. 
(September 2017)
Last edited: April 7, 2021