You Don't Want Me Anymore


"You Don't Want Me Anymore"  is the title of a 1982 song by Steel Breeze from their self-titled debut album. The song was released as a single in the United States and made it to number 16 in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, aided by a memorable video that was a hit on early MTV.  It was also the last chart single ever produced by Kim Fowley.  (More from Wikipedia)
Basically, all I remember about the 1980's band Steel Breeze is their name; I just found their biggest hit from 1982 on YouTube, "You Don't Want Me Anymore", and I didn't know the song at all.  
(July 2012)
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Kim Fowley slowed down somewhat in the post-Runaways period, but he definitely still kept his toe in.  Kim Fowley discovered a demo tape for Steel Breeze when he went through about 1,200 (!) such tapes that were about to be thrown out by a Hollywood nightclub, Madam Wong's.  Fowley produced the band's debut album, Steel Breeze (1982) that produced two hit songs, "You Don't Want Me Anymore" and "Dreamin' Is Easy".  The video for "You Don't Want Me Anymore" was a hit in the early days of MTV (which signed on just the previous year).  


(January 2015/1)

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