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The UARB of three months back, Wild Blue was a successful band called Jinx for many years in the local scene in Chicago; their history was hinted at in the title of their album, No More Jinx
I picked up the album for this month's UARB at the same time as that of Wild Blue, and not surprisingly, I was confusing the two bands in my mind for quite a while before I learned my way around their albums.  I thought it would be kind of fun to include two bands with such similar names in the UARB list.  In the beginning, I wasn't really sure about Code Bluebut Wild Blue was an obvious choice.  While their album was released toward the end of the wave, they were totally invested in the new wave movement, from the sound to the hair to the clothes.  That is not a bad thing; new wave is still one of the most interesting eras of rock music to my way of thinking. 
(September 2012)
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Following the break-up of Trillion, the bandmembers all went on to other musical projects.  Guitarist Frank Barbalace was a member of Jinx that later became the UARB of June 2012, Wild Blue, where I have more info about him. 
(October 2012)
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Previous UARB Wild Blue was a popular Chicago band called Jinx that was ready to go national; but someone in California was already using the name, so eventually, they settled on their new name.  As a nod to their roots, their first album was called No More Jinx


Once again, I mentioned the Flashback band, Wild Blue in the write-up of the current UARB; this sure has happened a lot.  


(June 2014)
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The post on Trillion in particular was long because this band is/was chock-full of extremely talented musicians that included Patrick Leonard, one of the major forces behind Madonna’s incredible musical career – and that was just the beginning.  In my mind, this band is second only to Wendy Waldman as the most unexpected absence from having a Wikipedia article (the sole criterion I have for marking Under-Appreciated status).  The only reason that it wasn’t even longer is that I had already discussed guitarist Frank Barbalace as a member of previous UARB Wild Blue
(Year 3 Review)
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