The Trashwomen

Barely Appreciated

The Trashwomen  was an all-female American garage punk and surf punk trio from the San Francisco Bay Area signed to Estrus Records.  (More from Wikipedia)
Normally, in writing the UARB/UARA posts, I find a narrative thread of some kind.  One that came to me pretty quickly was for Tina and the Total Babes, the UARB for May 2012.  That album and my Trashwomen album were among the first several dozen that I cleaned up from Katrina; I don’t remember how I discovered that Tina Lucchesi had been a member of both bands, but that was a definite connection that I could talk about.  The Trashwomen led obviously to, who had a big hit song in 1963 called “”.  But that’s all most people know about who are unfairly labeled as a “one-hit wonder” band – worse yet, a “one-novelty-hit wonder”.  Well, IMHO, not only is  not at all a novelty song in my book,  are actually a top-notch band that have a pretty extensive body of work – they even have a four-CD box set to their credit, and there are a host of well-known rock bands that can’t make that boast.  Thus, once I started riffing on one-hit wonders, the article just came together very quickly. 
(December 2012)
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Oh, Tina and the Total Babes is a fun band.  Tina Lucchesi had previously been a member of the all-female Trashwomen, and she fronted an otherwise male band in this venture.  


(May 2014)


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