Tomcattin’  is the fourth studio album of Southern rock band Blackfoot, released in 1980.  The album features Shorty Medlocke on “Fox Chase”, grandfather of Rickey Medlocke.  While the album did not spawn any hit singles, it was enough to keep the band’s devoted fan base loyal and strong, and it remains a popular staple in Blackfoot’s catalogue.  (More from Wikipedia)

Blackfoot front man Rickey Medlocke’s grandfather, bluegrass musician Shorty Medlocke (Blackfoot) wrote the band’s biggest hit single from their most successful album Strikes, “Train, Train” and played harmonica on the song.  Another track from this album, “Highway Song” was a hit later in 1979.  Shorty Medlocke wrote and also performed on several other songs for the band – “Railroad Man” (on No Reservations), “Fox Chase” (on Tomcattin’) and “Rattlesnake Rock ’n’ Roller” (on Marauder). 


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