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GREG SHAW – Stiv Bators
Stiv Bators, the front man for one of the best punk rock bands the Dead Boys, had a tempestuous relationship with Bomp! Records’ Greg Shaw.  He was trying to reinvent himself as a pop singer and released one excellent album in 1980 called Disconnected and a lot of other singles.  It was never easy on Shaw to work with Bators; he would arrive at the recording studio with a gaggle of Hollywood hangers-on, and they might be partying in there all night long.  He was also very particular as to which musicians he wanted to work with; in many cases, he would want to fly in some first-wave punk rocker who was available (Shaw uncharitably called them “burnouts”). 
In about 1985Stiv Bators was recording a new version of a Moody Blues “B” side, “The Story in Your Eyes”; and the flip side was going to be a cover of the Richard Berry anthem “Have Love, Will Travel”.  (The connection to the popular TV western of 50-some years ago, Have Gun – Will Travel is likely not well remembered these days).  Richard Berry (no relation to Chuck Berry) is the author of the immortal “Louie Louie”; one time, Stiv Bators also recorded a version of that song with a whole studio full of people – the new lyrics that he supplied extolled the virtues of his new home town and gave it the name, “L.A. L.A.”.  Anyway, for Have Love, Will TravelGreg Shaw was hoping to bring in one of the stable of young rock bands that he had signed – but no, Stiv Bators had to have the Little Kings; Shaw described them as “an adequate but rootless Hollywood glam [rock]-damaged band with tattoos – drinking buddies of his I guess”.  One of their guitar players, Gore Verbinski was in several other bands in that period and started making rock videos after a while.  His debut Hollywood film was Mouse Hunt in 1997; he also directed the 2003 mega-hit Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl as well as the first two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. 
(September 2012)
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