The Ramrods

Barely Appreciated

The Ramrods  were a punk band from Detroit, USA which debuted in 1977.  The last official Ramrods show was January 28, 1978, at the Red Carpet.  The quartet, composed of Mark Norton on vocals, Peter James on guitar, Dave Hanna on bass, and Bob Mulrooney on drums, was short-lived — the group disbanded days before the Sex Pistols expired.  When the band was intact, they had serious interest from Ramones manager Danny Fields and from Sire’s Seymour Stein.  (More from Wikipedia)
Since I am down to a quarterly schedule rather than a monthly schedule, my annual list is a lot shorter, so I will try listing all of the people that I have discussed in some depth rather than just the Under Appreciated Rock Band and the Story of the Month. They are all punk rock bands of one kind or another this year (2015-2016), and the most recent post includes my overview of the early rap/hip hop scene that an old friend, George Konstantinow challenged me to write – probably so long ago that he might have forgotten.
(Year 7 Review)
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