Psychotic Reaction

Barely Appreciated

PSYCHOTIC REACTION (Positively 13 O’Clock)
“Psychotic Reaction”  is a song released by the American garage rock band Count Five in 1965, and also the title of their only studio album.  Because of its inclusion on the original Pebbles compilation album, probably the best known of the many obscure covers of this song that were made in the 1960s is the one by Positively 13 O’Clock (i.e., Jimmy Rabbitt with members of Mouse and the Traps and others) in 1967.  (More from Wikipedia)

Mouse and the Traps later backed a singer named Jimmy Rabbitt on a cover of “Psychotic Reaction”, a hit song recorded by Count Five.  The song was released under the name Positively 13 O’Clock; this is a Bob Dylan reference as well:  The band name was adapted from his hit song “Positively 4th Street”.  Their version of “Psychotic Reaction” was included on the very first Pebbles album. 


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