Oh Father

Greatly Appreciated

“Oh Father”  is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna, from her fourth studio album Like a Prayer (1989).  It was released as the fourth single from the album on October 24, 1989, by Sire Records.  The song was not released as a single in most European territories until December 24, 1995, when it appeared on the 1995 ballads compilation Something to Remember.  Written and produced by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, the nexus of “Oh Father” was the presence of male authoritative figures in Madonna’s life, most prominently her father, Tony Ciccone.  Madonna’s relationship with her father had soured, after her mother’s death in 1963 and his remarriage two years later.  While developing the Like a Prayer album, Madonna was in an emotional state of mind due to her personal problems, which also reflected in the songwriting for “Oh Father”.  (More from Wikipedia)
Without question, Patrick Leonard is the most prominent ex-bandmember of Trillion and is primarily known as a keyboard player, producer and songwriter in the early part of Madonna’s career.  He continued working with Madonna on her fourth studio album, Like a Prayer – Leonard co-wrote more than one-half of the songs on this album as well, including “Cherish”, “Oh Father” and the title song “Like a Prayer” (which formed the basis of one of Madonna’s most controversial music videos).   
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