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Under Appreciated


David Gates had been in various local bands in Tulsa, and his high school band backed Chuck Berry for a concert in 1957.  David Gates also wrote “Saturday’s Child”, and the Monkees included this song on their first album, The Monkees.  Writing for Allmusic, critic Matthew Greenwald says that Saturday’s Child has a “proto-heavy metal guitar riff” and is “one of the more interesting curios of the early Monkees catalog”. 


(January 2015/1)


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Speaking of which, Between the Buttons ends with a song called “Something Happened to Me Yesterday”; from Wikipedia:  “At the time of the song’s release, [Mick Jagger] said:  ‘I leave it to the individual imagination as to what happened.’  Matthew Greenwald calls it ‘one [of] the most accurate songs about LSD’.”
(December 2015)
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