The Streets

Under Appreciated

The song I remember best by the Unknowns is “The Streets” (also known as Shadows Stalk the Night”), filled with idiosyncratic whirs and whoops and odd lyrics about the Shadow and the CIA, all performed against the backdrop of a swooping melody.   
(June 2011)
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There are several YouTube songs by the Unknowns (also known as Bruce Joyner and the Unknowns); here is a striking performance taken from New Wave Theatre of their song The Streets (also known as “Shadows Stalk the Night”) that also shows off the other wacky stuff on that channel besides punk rock: .  This is another live performance (from 1990) of another great song, Dream Sequence: .  If you need any other proof that the Unknowns are not like anybody else, check out this demo performance (audio only) of Common Man: .  There are other Unknowns songs on YouTube, plus additional Bruce Joyner music from his bands the Plantations and Reconstruction 


(June 2013/2)

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