The Lettermen

The Lettermen  is an American male pop music vocal trio.  The Lettermen’s trademark is close-harmony pop songs with light arrangements.  The group started in 1959.  They have had two Top 10 singles (both #7), 16 Top 10 singles on the Adult Contemporary chart including one #1, 32 consecutive Billboard Magazine chart albums, 11 gold records, and five Grammy nominations.  (More from Wikipedia)
The musical genre from which the Four Preps arose was considered old-fashioned by the mid-1960’s and is almost completely extinct today.  These all-male, all-white singing groups often had names evocative of bourgeois college days – in addition to the Four Preps, examples include the Lettermen and the Four Freshmenand they sang in precise three- or four-part harmonies with a clean-cut look. 
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In 2003 and/or 2004Phantom Import Distribution and then Wooden Hill Records put out a CD also called Midnight Love Cycle that included the tracks from the Midnight Love Cycle LP plus five songs from the 2000 concert by the Klubs at the Cavern Club; two of these live songs – “Train to Nowhere” and “A Simple Song” – were not among the 12 songs on the original LP.  Rounding out the bonus tracks are four very nice post-Klubs songs:  “Unknown” by Strife from 1972 (featuring John Reid), two songs called “We Will Always be Together” and “One Last Time” by the Lettermen (not the American band called the Lettermen, needless to say) that included Trevor Griffiths (also from 1972), and a 1999 demo of “I Wonder” by John Reid that featured Norris Easterbrook on bass. 


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