Friday at the Hideout

Under Appreciated




I didn’t hear the “B” side of the Pleasure Seekers single “Never Thought You’d Leave Me, “What a Way to Die” until I picked up a retrospective of the Hideout Records label, called Friday at the Hideout.  The theme of this song is incredible:  The singer seems intent on drinking herself to death with beer (however unlikely that would be in practice).  At a later date, the Pleasure Seekers were signed to Mercury Records and released a second single in 1968, “Light of Love” b/w “Good Kind of Hurt”. 


Several fine rock bands are featured on the Friday at the Hideout CD; one of them, Doug Brown and the Omens released a promotional flexidisc in support of the candidacy of Republican Senator Robert P. Griffin during his first Senate campaign in 1966.  The song, “Give Bob the Ball” – which championed his “youth and experience” – is included on this CD under the name “Youth and Experience”.  


(October 2013)


Last edited: April 8, 2021