Dannielle Pimm

Barely Appreciated


As the legend of the Trashmen grew over the years, it was perhaps inevitable that somebody would create a band called the Trashwomen.  Whereas the Trashmen were clean-cut Midwestern teenagers, the Trashwomen were apparently conceived with the term “white trash” in mind:  They are all big women who are often decked out in leopard-print costumes.  Michael Lucas with the surf revival band the Phantom Surfers approached Tina Lucchesi and Dannielle Pimm with the idea of having an all-female band to perform Trashmen songs as the opening act for their band for a 1992 show.  Once the two located a guitarist – Elka Zolot – the Trashwomen were born.  Zolot was a talented musician, but that was not true of the other two:  Pimm became the bass player because she happened to own a bass guitar, while Lucchesi became the drummer because she happened to be dating a drummer.  They had only 4 weeks to learn how to play their instruments before the show.
Over the years, all three women have been in a variety of bands, both during and after the Trashwomen period.  The three women along with Rusty Quan released a single under the name the Count Backwards; later, without Elka Zolot, the other three were members of the Bobbyteens.  Dannielle Pimm was in another purportedly all-girl band called the Brentwoods, though there was actually a man in the band as well.   
(May 2012)
Last edited: March 22, 2021