Bryndle Album

Bryndle  was an American folk-rock band first formed in the late 1960s in Los Angeles.  The original lineup consisted of singer-songwriters Andrew Gold, Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards (founding member of The Stone Poneys), and Wendy Waldman, with several instrumentalists joining them for recordings or concerts over the years.  In the early 1990s, Bryndle re-formed with its original quartet of Bonoff, Gold, Edwards and Waldman.  In 1995, their newly recorded debut album, Bryndle, was released, and the band began a tour of the U.S. and Japan, adding drummer Scott Babcock (who also recorded with them on the new album) and bassist Bill Bonk.  (More from Wikipedia) 
Along with Kenny EdwardsAndrew Gold and Karla BonoffWendy Waldman was part of a band called Bryndle that formed in the late 1960’s and was active on the L.A. scene for several years without making any records.  The four members of Bryndle have all had successful careers, and each had a close association with Linda Ronstadt later in the decade.  Kenny Edwards had been a founding member with Linda Ronstadt in the band Stone Poneys (“Different Drum”) prior to the formation of Bryndle, and he later recorded and toured with Linda for about 10 years beginning in the mid-1970’s.  Andrew Gold was also a key member of Linda Ronstadts backup band in the same time period.  Gold had a mid-1970’s hit as a solo artist, “Lonely Boy”; and one of his songs, “Thank You for Being a Friend” was selected to be the theme song for the TV series Golden Girls.  Karla Bonoff was one of many songwriters that Linda Ronstadt introduced via the covers on her albums, notably “Someone to Lay Down Beside Me”.  Bryndle eventually reformed in the early 1990’s and ultimately released their debut album in 1995Bryndle.   
(January 2010)
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