Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold  (August 2, 1951 – June 3, 2011) was an American singer, songwriter, musician and arranger.  His works include the Top 10 single “Lonely Boy” (1977), as well as “Thank You for Being a Friend” (1978) and “Never Let Her Slip Away” (1978).  Gold was a multi-instrumentalist who played guitar, bass, keyboards, accordion, synthesizer, harmonica, saxophone, flute, drums and percussion, and more arcane musical devices such as ukulele, musette, and harmonium.  He was also a producer, sound engineer, film composer, session musician, actor, and painter.  (More from Wikipedia)
Along with Kenny EdwardsKarla Bonoff and Wendy Waldman, Andrew Gold was part of a band called Bryndle that formed in the late 1960’s and was active on the L.A. scene for several years without making any records.  The four members of Bryndle have all had successful careers, and each had a close association with Linda Ronstadt later in the decade.  Andrew Gold was a key member of Ronstadt’s backup band during the 1970’s.  Gold had a mid-1970’s hit as a solo artist, “Lonely Boy”; and one of his songs, “Thank You for Being a Friend” was selected to be the theme song for the TV series Golden Girls.
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As a producer, Peter Asher was second to none in the 1970’sJames Taylor was his other main client.  Together with his work with Linda RonstadtAsher helped create the Southern California sound of that time period by producing albums for J. D. SoutherAndrew Gold and Bonnie Raitt.  


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