Grow Old with Me

Greatly Appreciated

GROW OLD WITH ME (Glen Campbell)
“Grow Old with Me”  is one of the final songs written by John Lennon.  It was considered as a possible reunion single by his former bandmates during the making of The Beatles Anthology.  In 2008, Glen Campbell released a version on his album Meet Glen Campbell.  (More from Wikipedia)

The truly heartbreaking part of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis is that Glen Campbell had just launched a comeback a few years before, with his 2008 album Meet Glen Campbell that features Campbell covering songs by U2Foo FightersTom Pettyand Green Day – “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” being the latter song – plus one of the last songs written by John Lennon, “Grow Old with Me”, and an early Jackson Browne song, “These Days” that was first recorded by Nico in 1967


(February 2015)


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