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This month’s Under-Appreciated Rock Band of the MonthLINK PROTRUDI AND THE JAYMEN is obviously named in honor of Link Wray and His Ray Men.  However, this is not a tribute band; while they have their versions of classics like “Night Train” and “The Stroll”, most of the songs that they play are originals. 


The above album is a 1989 retrospective album, Missing Links of their original recordings and features one of the most over-the-top drawings of a rock band that I have ever seen.  Besides a sample of their instrumental monsters, Side 2 includes a live performance of “Batman”, played against the backdrop of the original “Batman Theme by Neal Hefti for the 1960’s Batman TV show.  Midway through the performance, two of the bandmembers take a novel approach to the old rumor that Batman and Robin were the original Ambiguously Gay Duo by letting Robin admit to having a dalliance with Spider-Man


Rudi Protrudi – who was born Glen Dalpis, but Rudi Action Protrudi is the name on his passport – is the frontman and lead singer of the one of the most popular and talented punk/psychedelic revival bands of the 1980’sthe Fuzztones.  He formed Link Protrudi and the Jaymen in the spring of 1986 as an offshoot of the Fuzztones with their original bass guitar player Michael Jay and “Mad” Mike Czekaj, the man who would become the drummer when the Fuzztones moved from New York City to Los Angeles in 1987


As the liner notes explain it on the album that I have, Missing Links:  “While many of today’s ‘revival’ groups attempt to imitate past Rock & Roll styles, Link Protrudi & the Jaymen play only the wyld Rock & Roll sounds they were weened on.  These men do not know how to play ‘modern’ music. . . .  Of course, in today’s disco-drek world of pop music, few hardy souls would attempt to play a style of music extinct for over 20 years.  But the power and fury unleashed by these 3 wildmen make this a timeless statement of what Rock & Roll is all about.”  Rudi Protrudi himself adds on the back cover:  “If you enjoy this album half as much as we did making it, you’ll probably be breaking some kind of law. . .” 


The mention in the Wikipedia article on the Fuzztones about Link Protrudi and the Jaymen makes it appear that the band was a one-off project in the 1986-1987 period; besides Missing Links, they also had a 1987 album, Drive it Home!.  Actually, Link Protrudi and the Jaymen also had a 2006 release, Slow Grind, and another album called Drive it Live (1992). 


Missing Links is an unusual album in that Side 1 is at 33 rpm, and Side 2 is at 45 rpm.  I know of only one other such album, a retrospective album by the Allman Brothers Band simply called The Allman Brothers


(February 2013)


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Flashback:  The Under Appreciated Rock Band of the Month for February 2013 – LINK PROTRUDI AND THE JAYMEN 
As a side project for the 
Rudi Protrudi band the Fuzztones that has been one of the leading lights of the Sixties Revival that is well into its fourth decade, Link Protrudi and the Jaymen were formed as a tribute to Link Wray and His Ray Men, one of the finest instrumental outfits in history.  I just wish I had more of their music; I have three, maybe four Fuzztones CD’s, but only the one Jaymen album. 
YouTube has a host of their songs on their website; they must have a lot of fans out there.  “The Shadow Knows” is on the album that I have, Missing Links and can be heard at: .  “Orbit”, the leadoff track on Missing Links is available at: .  “Bandito” has evidently gotten the most hits on the site:  There’s plenty more where that came from! 
(February 2015)

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Here is the roster of the UARB’s of the past year (2012-2013); none are individual artists, and there has been a lot of psychedelia and just one punk rock band.  There is never any plan; that’s just how it worked out this time. 
Dec. 2012 – THE INVISIBLE EYES2000’s garage/psychedelic rock band 
Jan. 2013 – THE SKYWALKERS2010’s Dutch psychedelic rock band 
Feb. 2013 – LINK PROTRUDI AND THE JAYMEN1980’s retro instrumental rock band 
Mar. 2013 – THE GILES BROTHERS1960’s-1970’s British duo in numerous bands including King Crimson 
Apr. 2013 – LES SINNERS1960’s-1970’s French Canadian garage rock band 
May 2013 – HOLLIS BROWN2010’s roots rock band 
Jun. 2013 – FUR, 1980’s punk rock band 
Jul. 2013 – THE KLUBS1960’s British mod rock band 
Aug. 2013 – SILVERBIRD1970’s Native American soft rock band 
Sep. 2013 – BLAIR 15231990’s British psychedelic rock band 
Oct. 2013 – MUSIC EMPORIUM1960’s psychedelic rock band 
Nov. 2013 – CHIMERA1960’s British psychedelic rock band 
(Year 4 Review)
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