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Phil Gammage left Certain General in 1985 and evidently returned to the Corvairs for a time; he then began pursuing a solo career.  Prior to Cry of the City, he released two albums on a French label, New Rose RecordsNight Train and Kneel to the Rising Sun.  Last Call Records, yet another French label that issued his fourth solo album Lowlife Street (1999), says of this early trio of albums:  “These records showcased Phil’s songwriting, guitar playing and vocals talents and found him exploring in depth blues and acoustic musical styles.”  Of the new album, the promo material states:  “This record takes up musically where his previous three solo records left off . . . original songs written by Gammage and performed in his unique and dynamic style.”  A retrospective album, Motel Songs came out in 2003 featuring songs from Phil Gammage’s first four CD’s. 


Here follows a reprint of the Trouser Press Record Guide (4th Edition) listing for the SourMash family of bands.  Though slightly garbled, it presents a fairly accurate overview of our thing in the 1980’s.

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Night Train (Fr. New Rose) 1990

Kneel to the Rising Sun (Fr. New Rose) 1991 

     20th Anniv. Reissue (2011)

Cry of the City (Marilyn1993 

Lowlife Street (Fr. Last Call 1999 

Motel Songs (SourMash USA2002 


(March 2015)


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