The Wild Angels

THE WILD ANGELS (Soundtrack)

The soundtrack for the Roger Corman film The Wild Angels (1966) was a breakthrough for Davie Allan and the Arrows and yielded their biggest hit song, "Blues' Theme".  From Wikipedia:  "The song from the film's opening, 'Blues' Theme' (sometimes listed as 'Blue's Theme'), an aggressive, repetitive and very catchy instrumental showcasing [Davie] Allan's new fuzzed-out (heavily distorted) guitar sound became their biggest hit (it was also one of the first songs Eddie Van Halen learned to play on brother Alex [Van Halen]'s guitar).  The song stayed on the Billboard charts for 17 weeks (it peaked at #37); the single, backed with 'Bongo Party', and the soundtrack album [The Wild Angels] both sold well.  Rumors have stated that the melody in 'Blues' Theme' was stolen from the Monkees' guitar lick in 'Last Train to Clarksville'; but 'Last Train to Clarksville' was recorded on July 25th, 1966, and The Wild Angels debuted in the theaters on July 20th, 1966." 


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