White Room

Greatly Appreciated

"White Room"  is a song by British rock band Cream, composed by bassist Jack Bruce with lyrics by poet Pete Brown.  They recorded it for the studio half of the 1968 double album Wheels of Fire.  In September, a shorter single edit was released for AM radio stations, although album-oriented FM radio stations played the full album version.  (More from Wikipedia)

The band's debut album, the fittingly titled Fresh Cream featured a mixture of traditional blues songs as well as band originals.  For a band that became renowned for their instrumental solos, the two opening tracks (both written or co-written by Jack Bruce), "I Feel Free" and "N.S.U." were less than 3 minutes each.  "I Feel Free" was co-written with Pete Brown, who became an important songwriting partner with the Cream bandmembers; he and Bruce were the songwriters on their hit "White Room" plus four songs on Disraeli Gears that included "Sunshine of Your Love" (which was co-written with Eric Clapton).   


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