White Light/White Meat

Barely Appreciated

The Hasil Adkins album that I got is called White Light/White Meat (subtitled:  "Authentic West Virginia One Man Band Home Recordings 1958-1965") and provides a representative slice of his output:  raucous rockers ("Hot Dog Baby"), Hank Williams-style love songs ("You're Gonna Break My Heart"), songs about dance crazes ("Come on and Do the Shake with Me"), and country weepies ("Lonely Graveyard"). 
Norton Records – now celebrating its 25th anniversary – has released at least 8 albums of Hasil Adkins' music and continues to do so (the album I have, White Light/White Meat came out in 2010 and wasn't mentioned in the Wikipedia article on Adkins until I added it);
(May 2011)
Last edited: March 22, 2021