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The Eyes date from the earliest days of punk rock in Los Angeles.  I ran across their first recordings on a 1998 compilation album of releases on What Records? called What? Stuff, on Bomp! Records, that I just picked up.  The first two bands listed on the cover, the Germs and the Dils are fairly well known as these things go; I had some of their songs already elsewhere, with "I Hate the Rich" by the Dils being a particular favorite.  
Chris Ashford then set out to record the other bands that were performing at the city’s first punk clubthe Masque.  The Eyes were one of these bands, with a sound that was described on the liner notes of What? Stuff as “poppy but hard edged”.  
(July 2010)
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(What? Stuff, the compilation album that introduced me to the UARB for July 2010, the Eyes, released in 1998 on Bomp! Records

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Here is the What? Stuff compilation album that introduced me to the Eyes:

(July 2013) 

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