Walking out on Love

Under Appreciated

One of their earliest tracks by the Breakaways is also one of the best:  "Walking out on Love" was part of the Nerves' live show but had never been recorded by that band.
(April 2010)
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The only record on YouTube by the Breakaways is "Walking out on Love"; this song was often performed in the Nerves' live shows but had never been recorded by them.  You can hear the song at www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9sYvy4G3NA .  Green Day performed "Walking out on Loveas their last encore following the final performance of their musical American Idiot on Broadway; that version is also available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAgKwA7-GLI&feature=related . 
(April 2012)
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Basically dropping everything and pushing a band to the top of the heap on the UARA/UARB stack has happened only one other time among these posts, and it was quite awhile ago:  the UARB for April 2010, the Breakaways.  The Breakaways did make one bonafide studio recording of "Walking out on Love", a wonderful song that had been part of the Nerves live set for years, though they had never gotten around to making a studio recording of it.  Otherwise, just about everything they did was rehearsals and live shows, and no one ever thought that any of that material had survived.  
(December 2012)
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