Too Many Lovers

Under Appreciated

Still, the band reported about their final recording session in their original incarnation in December 1986, culminating in the single “Promise” b/w “Too Many Lovers” on an Australian label, Kavern 7 Records:  “Incredibly, considering the conflict within the group, ‘Promise’ turned out to be one of the [Tell-Tale] Hearts’ finest moments, highlighted by Peter [Miesner]’s amazing guitar leads and controlled feedback, and Bill [Calhoun]’s wailing harp.”  The band called it quits on Valentine’s Day 1987
The retrospective album that I own by the Tell-Tale HeartsHigh Tide (Big Noses & Pizza Faces) came out in 1994 on Voxx Records, collecting 6 songs from The Tell-Tale Hearts (after being remixed to recapture their original sound); 5 from The “Now” Sound of the Tell-Tale Hearts; the 1986 single mentioned above, Promise” b/w “Too Many Lovers”; 5 demos dating from early 1984; and 3 live performances.  Nine of the songs are previously unreleased.  Among the demos is a particularly welcome version of Crackin’ Up”; “Crackin’ Up” by the Wig is listed on the cover of both the Pebbles, Volume 1 LP and the Pebbles, Volume 1 CD but is not actually included on the album.
(September 2017)
Last edited: April 3, 2021