Steve Leggett

Under Appreciated


If I had to succinctly characterize the current musical period – having just watched the first hour of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards – I would use the phrase “overdoing it”.  American Idol and the other television singing contests encourage contestants to go all out in their performances, and that attitude has suffused much of today’s music.  On at least one occasion, I have heard one of the renowned producers who craft many of today's hit songs (I forget who exactly) piece one together in a few minutes on National Public Radio during an interview, so studio wizardry has also become available to just about anyone – and it is all too tempting to take that too far.  Refreshingly, Hollis Brown holds back in this regard; as Steve Leggett of Allmusic puts it in their rave review of their album Ride on the Train:  “[The album has] a sharp, taut sound that only includes what is necessary to put the song over. . . .  This is a band with a bright future.”  


(May 2013)


Last edited: March 22, 2021