Scotch and Soda

Under Appreciated

SCOTCH AND SODA (Linda Pierre King)
Another great song by Linda Pierre King with an interesting history is “Scotch and Soda.  The song has all of the earmarks of a very good 1930’s standard; however, the first known recording of “Scotch and Soda” is by the Kingston Trio on their 1958 debut album, also called The Kingston Trio.  The song was discovered by the parents of legendary pitcher Tom Seaver of the New York Mets while on their honeymoon in Phoenix in 1932.  When they heard the song being played in a piano lounge, they knew immediately that it was going to be “their song”, so they had the pianist write it down for them.  One of the members of the Kingston TrioDave Guard was dating Tom’s older sister Katie Seaver for a time and heard the song while visiting at her parents’ home.  The bandmembers searched for years to try to find the real songwriter, but they never figured out who it was; Dave Guard is the placeholder songwriter in the album credits. 
(April 2012)
Last edited: March 22, 2021