Rubber Ball

“Rubber Ball”  was an early 1961 hit for Bobby Vee on Liberty Records.  It was the record which made Vee an international star.  The song was recorded on August 12, 1960 in a four-song, three-hour session at United in Hollywood.  It was produced by a 19-year-old Texan, Thomas “Snuff” Garrett, arranged by Ernie Freeman, and was co-written at the Brill Building in New York by Gene Pitney, using his mother’s maiden name (Orlowski), and by Aaron Schroeder.  Veteran session drummer Earl Palmer played drums at the session.  (More from Wikipedia)

Bobby Vee (not to be confused with Bobby Vinton) launched a successful musical career by taking Buddy Holly’s place in the Winter Dance Tour tour.  Holly’s influence is clear in Bobby Vee songs like “Rubber Ball” and “Run to Him”.  


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