Route 65

Under Appreciated


At the beginning of the liner notes for the Phil Gammage CD Cry of the City is a free-verse poem that reads like verses and a chorus for a song; it must lay out the philosophy behind this album.  (As it turns out, this poem forms the lyrics for a song called “Route 65 that is included on both Lowlife Street and Motel Songs).  It ends:


     My car’s standing still 

     And the world is whizzing by my window

     That’s how I like it

     Me and my dog

     And this cracklin’ voice

     Coming at me from my radio

     He’s telling me who I am, 

     He’s telling me what I think, 

     Well let me tell you something pal

     I ain’t no dead cat on Route 65


(March 2015) 


Last edited: March 22, 2021