Ritchie Blackmore

Greatly Appreciated

Ritchie Blackmore  (born 14 April 1945) is an English guitarist and songwriter.  He was one of the founding members of Deep Purple in 1968, playing jam-style hard-rock music which mixed guitar riffs and organ sounds.  During his solo career, he established a heavy metal band called Rainbow which fused baroque music influences and elements of hard rock.  Rainbow steadily moved to catchy pop-style mainstream rock.  Later in life, he formed the traditional folk rock project, Blackmore’s Night, transitioning to vocalist-centred sounds.  As a member of Deep Purple, Blackmore was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2016.  (More from Wikipedia)

Greg Shaw included both sides of a December 1964 single by a band called the Lancasters on the English Freakbeat, Volume 2 CD , “Earthshaker” and “Satan’s Holiday”; both songs were co-written by Kim Fowley.  One of the members of the band was a young Ritchie Blackmore shortly after being in the backing band for Screaming Lord Sutch called the Savages and several years before he became one of the original bandmembers in Deep Purple


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The name of the British rock band Deep Purple was suggested by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore because “Deep Purple” was his grandmother’s favorite song; she used to play the song for him frequently on the piano. 


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