Randy Alvey

Barely Appreciated

The Green Fuz  were an American garage rock band in the late 1960s, best known for their sole single, “Green Fuz”, which has become a classic of the genre and was covered by The Cramps.  On the single, the band was identified as Randy Alvey & Green Fuz.  (More from Wikipedia)

I got Varshons myself, because it includes a cover of one of my TOP TEN favorite songs of all time (maybe my VERY FAVORITE even):  “Green Fuz”, a minimalist song by a Texas garage rock band called Randy Alvey & Green Fuz.  The Cramps previously included “Green Fuz” as the opening track on their album Psychedelic Jungle.  Any version of “Green Fuz” is welcome in my record collection; but (despite truly terrible sound quality) the original is simply untoppable, with 15-year-old Randy Alvey’s growling lyrics backed by a fine band that includes drums that are unlike any that I have ever heard before.  To this day, when the original “Green Fuz” comes up on an album I’m playing, it is as if the world stops spinning:  My mouth goes slack, my muscles freeze up, and my mind focuses entirely on this incredible recording. 


The Cramps were careful to match the timing of their recording of “Green Fuz to that of the original song (2:06) – though they made only a half-hearted attempt at the drum solo toward the middle of the song – but the Lemonheads took a more leisurely approach to the song. 


(March 2013)


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