Planet Records

Planet Records  was an independent American record label founded by record producer Richard Perry.  It was distributed by Elektra/Asylum Records until 1982, when Perry sold it to RCA Records.   (More from Wikipedia)
But for sheer “what-were-they-thinking” wonderment, it is hard to top the name the Cretones; who knows how much more success they could have had with a less cringe-worthy name.  Mark Goldenberg (guitar), Peter Bernstein (bass) and Steve Beers (drums) were the core of the backing band for past UARA Wendy Waldman on what for my money is her strongest album, Strange Company (1978).  The Cretones were born after the three added Steve Leonard (keyboards).  They shortly got a recording contract with Planet Records and released a very good debut album, Thin Red Line in 1980.  
(July 2012)
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