Penny Lane

Under Appreciated

PENNY LANE (Les Sinners)

After Ernest Rock replaced Ricky Johnson on lead guitar,  Les Sinners was signed to Jupiter Records, the Canadian subsidiary of London Records (which was the American label for the early Rolling Stones records).  Their second album (which was produced by Pierre Noles) had practically the same name as the first – Sinnerismes (“Sinnerisms”), but with a second “n” this time – and saw the band essentially abandoning the English language for most of the rest of their career (though several of the song titles were still in English).  Album highlights include a French-language version of the Beatles hit “Penny Lane”, “Les Disc-Jockeys”, and several weird psychedelic tracks like “L.S.D. Ha! Ha!”. 


(April 2013)


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YouTube has Nice Try (audio only) at: .  Their French-language cover of the Beatles song “Penny Lane” can be heard here: .  A mind-boggling 91 videos of Les Sinners songs is available at this address: . 


(April 2015/2)


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