Or the Beginning

Under Appreciated

The very first album that I cleaned up from Hurricane Katrina – listed on what I called “Rack 1” – was . . . Or the Beginning (probably my only album whose name starts with ellipses) by a band called The Not Quite
(May 2010)
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I only have the final album by the Not Quite, . . . Or the Beginning, which came out in vinyl only on the Bomp!-affiliated Voxx Records in 1990, and I do hope that I can find some of their other records. 
(May 2012)
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Their Voxx Records album, . . . Or the Beginning is pictured earlier in this article.  
(Final album by the UARB for May 2010the Not Quite, released in 1990 on Voxx Records)
(May 2013)
Last edited: March 22, 2021