I recently picked up a reissue of the 1967 debut album, Somewhere Outside by the Ugly Ducklings from Toronto, Ontario; they are widely regarded as the greatest Canadian garage rock band.  Their 1967 hit “Gaslight” hit #17 on the national Canadian charts and was #1 in Toronto; I know them better for their raw early songs like “She Ain’t No Use to Me, “Nothin’” and “Just in Case You Wonder”. 


(April 2013)


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Side 2 of the Loons’ album Inside Out Your Mind continues the kaleidoscope with the angsty “My Desolation” and the more wistful “I Don’t Live There Anymore”. The rocking “Transparent Eyes” is another treasure, with the recurring “nothin’” call recalling one of my favorite songs by the Canadian garage-rock band the Ugly Ducklings, the kiss-off masterpiece “Nothin’”: “Baby . . . you know what I need? / Nothin’ / I need nothin’”. This is 1960’s revival music at its most fulfilling. I look forward to working my way through their other albums. 
(June 2017)
Last edited: March 22, 2021