Need a Little Lovin’

Under Appreciated


What really made an impression after awhile, however, is that more than a few of these bands were completely unknown even to the people who put the Pebbles albums together.  Introducing Train Kept A-Rollin’” by the Bold on the Pebbles, Volume 10 LP, the “Nigel Strange” liner notes say:  “. . . I sure wish I knew more about them”.  About the Wig/Wags, all they have is:  “I used to think this was a Texas group, but since they aren’t included in the recently published Journey to Tyme [here they insert a plug and address for the book] I guess it’s not.”  The liner notes for the Foggy Notions have a nice description of their great song “Need a Little Lovin’” but about the band they say simply:  “A mystery group”. 


The situation is much the same on the Pebbles, Volume 9 LP.  For the second track by the LA-area band Byron & the Mortals:  “. . . about whom nothing is known”.  And:  “The only thing I know about the Knaves is that lead singer Howard Berkman later turned up in some early 70’s Chicago bands.”  The Banshees?  “The group was Chicago-based, but that’s all I can tell you.”  One more:  “I know absolutely nothing about the Bugs.” 


In order not to sound monotonous, the liner notes don’t always state outright that all I know about such-and-such group is that I found this here 45, but several of the liner notes are descriptive only.  It wasn’t just these albums; most of the Pebbles liner notes were like this, particularly in the early years.  Sentences like “Guess what?  Another mystery band” and “Here finally is a group that I know something about” were commonplace on the back covers.  


(July 2013)


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