National Enquirer

The National Enquirer  (also commonly known as the Enquirer) is an American supermarket tabloid now published by American Media, Inc. (AMI).  Founded in 1926, the tabloid has gone through a variety of changes over the years.  The Enquirer openly acknowledges that it will pay sources for tips, a practice generally frowned upon by the mainstream press.  The tabloid has struggled with declining circulation figures because of competition from glossy tabloid publications.   (More from Wikipedia)
Strange Company is my favorite Wendy Waldman album; the cover alone is a real hoot – it has the appearance of what the National Enquirer looked like back then, with several faux tabloid stories and photographs showing what Wendy had been up to and whom she had been seen with.
(January 2012)
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I forgot to include the YouTube links for Wendy Waldman last month, so here they are.  Her regional hit song Long Hot Summer Nights is at  (no video to go with this one, though you do get to see the cool National Enquirer-style album cover for Strange Company).  It seems like every musician who sticks around a while comes up with a song about summer memories, but Wendy’s is one of the few that doesn’t focus on the Sun.  These are just the tip of the iceberg though – there are dozens more available. 
(February 2012)
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