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NANCY WILSON (Jazz Singer)
Nancy Wilson  (born February 20, 1937) is an American singer with more than 70 albums, and three Grammy Awards.  She has been labeled a singer of Blues, Jazz, R&B, Pop and Soul; a "consummate actress"; and "the complete entertainer".  The title she prefers, however, is "song stylist".  She has received many nicknames including "Sweet Nancy", "The Baby", "Fancy Miss Nancy" and "The Girl With the Honey-Coated Voice".  (More from Wikipedia)

In addition to Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of Heartthere are a host of Wilsons who have made popular music over the years.  The Beach Boys – "America's band" according to no less than President Ronald Reagan (whose middle name is Wilson, come to think of it) – was founded in 1961 by Brian Wilson, his brothers Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson, and their cousin Mike LoveAl Jardine was the one original bandmember not in the family.  Another Nancy Wilson is a top-notch jazz vocalist who started in the 1960's and frequently crossed over to the R&B and rock charts.  Mary Wilson was one of the founding members of the Supremes; the story of the other bandmembers being eclipsed by lead singer Diana Ross formed the main storyline for the Broadway musical Dreamgirls that later made Jennifer Hudson a star in the film version, Dreamgirls.  Then there are R&B singers Jackie Wilson and Wilson Pickett, country star Gretchen Wilson, comedian and chef Justin Wilson, and many others. 


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