The Move

The Move  were one of the leading British rock bands of the 1960s from Birmingham, England.  Despite scoring nine Top 20 UK singles in just five years, they were among the most popular British bands not to find any real success in the United States.  Their name referred to the move various members of these bands made to form the group.  Besides Wood, The Move’s original five-piece roster in 1965 was drummer Bev Bevan, bassist Kefford, vocalist Carl Wayne, and guitarist Trevor Burton.  The final line-up of 1972 was the trio of Wood, Bevan and Jeff Lynne; together, they rode the group’s transition into the Electric Light Orchestra.  (More from Wikipedia)

The Klubs returned to Liverpool and took part in the Kaleidoscope ’68 festival there alongside big names like Pink Floyd and the Move (a leading 1960’s British band that took the name the Electric Light Orchestra in 1972).  According to an article in the Liverpool Echo, however, the Klubs “stole the whole show . . . with painted faces and setting off fireworks that stunned the whole audience”.  The response was so overwhelming that the Klubs were brought back for a second appearance the next day. 


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Mick Farren’s early writing was for one of the first underground newspapers, International Times (later called IT after threats of litigation by The Times of London); he wrote articles for the newspaper and also edited IT for a period of time.  The newspaper was founded in November 1966 and was a mixture of rock music promotion, polemical journalism, and scandalous humor.  The London police repeatedly raided the newspaper’s office in an attempt to shut them down; IT responded by hosting a benefit rock concert called The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream in April 1967 featuring Pink Floydthe Pretty ThingsSavoy Brownthe Crazy World of Arthur BrownSoft Machine, and the Move.

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