Michael Erlewine

Michael Erlewine  (born July 18, 1941, Lancaster, Pennsylvania) is an American musician, astrologer, photographer, TV host, and Internet entrepreneur who founded All Music Guide (now known as AllMusic) in 1991.  (More from Wikipedia)

First though, I realize that I have quoted Allmusic dozens of times through these posts and have never really said anything about who they are.  In 1991Michael Erlewine founded the All Music Guide as an Internet-based consumer guide; he later launched All Movies Guide and All Games Guide.  The owners reported in 2011 that there were 3,000,000 unique visitors per month to the three sites.  The music site – which has undergone several name changes:  AMGAllmusicallmusic and back to Allmusic – has become a very popular resource.  Michael Erlewine’s nephew, Stephen Thomas Erlewine later became a senior editor at Allmusic.


Michael Erlewine was active in the Michigan folk scene in the 1950’s and 1960’s; he hitchhiked with Bob Dylan in 1961 and made his way to Greenwich Village in New York and also to San FranciscoIn 1965, he and his brother formed a blues band called the Prime Movers; original bandmembers were Michael Erlewine (lead singer, harmonica), Dan Erlewine (lead guitar), Robert Sheff (keyboards), Robert Vinopal (bass), and Michael “Spider” Wynn (drums).  After Wynn left the band, he was replaced by James Osterberg.  A few years later, Osterberg began performing as Iggy Popand under this name, he founded the proto-punk band the Stooges His nickname was due to Osterberg’s serving as the drummer for another Michigan band called the Iguanas.  


(March 2014/2)


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Some months back, I included a story on the Prime Movers, yet another Michigan band, which numbered among its members Michael Erlewine, the man who started All Music Guide (now Allmusic), along with All Movie Guide and All Game Guide; and James Osterberg, better known today as Iggy Pop. He started out as a drummer, as he was for this band; and the other bandmembers started calling him Iggy because he had previously been the drummer for a band called the Iguanas, this month’s Under Appreciated Rock Band. The band name also gave Greg Shaw the name for his long series of Stooges albums, The Iguana Chronicles.
(December 2016)
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