Under Appreciated

There are plenty of rock bands out there that do not have a Wikipedia article yet, and I already have the LP or CD in hand.  I alphabetized my CD’s a year or so back, and picking a row almost at random, here are some potential future UARB’s and UARA’sKing Richard and the Knights (a wonderful 1960’s garage rock band from Albuquerque that actually I was pretty sure had a Wikipedia article, though I can’t seem to find it now), Level with the Ground (a local band that came along about the same time as 3 Doors Down – as with Schattenfreiheit though, a German duo who put out a self-published album that is among my all-time favorites, they are too obscure to make the UARB list), Looters (I have written about them before but had not realized they were a potential UARB – an inventive world-music band that, unaccountably, was a favorite of many Bay Area punk rock bands, including Dead Kennedys), the Love Drunks (an Alive Records punk rock band, with quite affected vocal stylings), and Martin (how could I resist that one?  His full name is Martin Kember).  That is actually a pretty good list of potential UARB’s and UARA’s; I will have to do this more often! 
(Year 8 Review)
Last edited: March 22, 2021