Live Cream

Greatly Appreciated

Live Cream  (also called Live Cream, Volume 1) is a live compilation album by the British rock band Cream, released in 1970.  This album comprises four live tracks recorded in 1968 and one studio track “Lawdy Mama” from 1967.  The instrumental track for “Lawdy Mama” is the same as heard on “Strange Brew” with a different vocal and guitar solo by Eric Clapton.  Live Cream hit No. 15 on the Billboard 200, and made No. 4 on the UK Top 40.  (More from Wikipedia)

The first “posthumous” album by CreamLive Cream (later called Live Cream, Vol. 1) had just 5 tracks, mostly drawn from the songs on Fresh Cream; another live album was a natural due to the critical and public acclaim for Wheels of Fire (the first double-album to go platinum), where one of the two albums was recorded live.  Bruce Eder calls Live Cream “their most consistently brilliant album for sheer musicianship”. 


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