Let Love Rule

Let Love Rule  is the debut studio album of American rock musician Lenny Kravitz, released on September 19, 1989 by Virgin Records.  Then-wife Lisa Bonet wrote the lyrics to “Fear” and co-wrote the lyrics on the song, “Rosemary”.  Let Love Rule reached number 61 on the Billboard 200, while it peaked at number 56 on the UK Albums Chart.  Initially, the album was a moderate success in the United States, but became a hit worldwide, particularly in Europe, selling over 2 million copies.  (More from Wikipedia)

Lenny Kravitz had a spiritual experience when he was thirteen and has been a non-denominational Christian ever since.  His yearning to be a musician began when he was just five years old.  Early in his career, he was told by recording executives that his music either wasn’t “white enough” or wasn’t “black enough”; he is of mixed-race ancestry as well.  His debut album, Let Love Rule came out in 1989


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