La Révolution Française

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When I looked up one of the related bands, La Révolution Française, they seemed more like Les Sinners than the post-1968 line-ups of the actual band did.  When François Guy left Les Sinners in 1968, the band evidently broke up.  Guy then put together a new band consisting entirely of former members of Les Sinners:  Jean-Guy Cossette (guitar), Georges Marchand (bass guitar) and Louis Parizeau (drums).  Their debut single did well enough to justify an album in 1968 on CANUSA Records, called C. Cool.  Louis Parizeau also produced the album. 




Two compilation CD’s of music by Les Sinners that came out in 2001 borrowed previous album covers and used the name of this related band, La Révolution Française as the names of the CD’s.  La Révolution Française, Vol. 1 uses the cover of Sinnerismes; while La Révolution Française, Vol. 2 uses the cover of C. Cool by La Révolution Française (though with the photograph shown much more clearly).  Additionally, a 2010 compilation CD came out on Merité Records that has the same name as Les Sinners’ first album, Sinerisme.  As if the trail of albums left behind by Les Sinners wasn’t already confusing enough! 


(April 2013)


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Les Sinners is from French Canada and is best known in this country for a powerful English-language garage rock song, Nice Try; one of their French-language songs, Sinnerisme was also included on a garage rock compilation album that I have.  They have released a total of 6 albums (mostly in French), and several of the bandmembers released two more albums under the name La Révolution Française.  Even French Wikipedia has only a short article on the band that does little more than list the album names. 


(April 2015/2)


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