Kill City Song

Three other albums in The Iguana Chronicles rework previous releases by Bomp! Records.  One of these is the Jesus Loves the Stooges 7” EP that came out at the same time as Kill City and was also actually put together by Jem Records.
The new release of Jesus Loves the Stooges is a 10” vinyl EP that has four songs instead of three; Side 1 opens with the title song from Kill City, “Kill City” followed by Johanna; and Side 2 has Jesus Loves the Stooges and Consolation Prizes.  The latter three songs were those on the original 7” version.  The back cover has a photo of Iggy Pop rather than the Christmas style layout on the original Jesus Loves the Stooges; the liner notes on the back cover say that the 7” EP was originally released for Christmas 1977.  As a bonus, there are 3-D glasses provided. 
(December 2017)
Last edited: April 3, 2021