Johnny O’Halloran

Under Appreciated


The “total babes” backing Tina Lucchesi on lead vocals in Tina and the Total Babes are Johnny O’Halloran (bass), Jacques Wait (guitar), and Travis Ramin (drums).  O'Halloran and Ramin had previously been in a band called the Short Fuses with Miss Georgia Peach, who provides background vocals for Tina and the Total Babes.  
Johnny O’Halloran and Travis Ramin were later in a band called Nikki Corvette and the Sting Rays that released an album in 2006Nikki Corvette’s earlier band Nikki and the Corvettes released an album called Nikki and the Corvettes on Bomp! Records in 1980 and is one of the groups that Tina and the Total Babes are honoring in their album. 
(May 2012)
Last edited: March 22, 2021