Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay  is a Christian rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.  Jars of Clay consists of Dan Haseltine on vocals, Charlie Lowell on piano and keyboards, Stephen Mason on lead guitars, and Matthew Odmark on rhythm guitars.  Although the band has no permanent drummer or bass guitarist, Jeremy Lutito and Gabe Ruschival of Disappointed by Candy fill these roles for live concerts.   (More from Wikipedia)
The remainder of the first CD has several popular-music renditions of selected sections of the Catholic Mass.  A fairly well known hymn is included, “They’ll Know We are Christians by Our Love”.  This song was written in 1968 by Peter Scholtes (also a Catholic priest), who also wrote Bossa Nova MassJars of Clay has recorded the song, among others. 
(September 2014)
Last edited: March 22, 2021